A total of 48 workshops will be offered during the conference during 4 workshop sessions (see overall conference schedule for workshop session dates/times).  Workshops will be 90-minutes each and have been organized into 12 topical tracks.

Workshop are interactive sessions designed to provide opportunities for significant audience participation and are intended to build skills and foster discussion, problem solving and innovation.


Click here to download a PDF of the full workshop descriptions and schedule. 


Workshop times, titles and presenters by track and session (A, B, C and D):


Workshop session A: Wednesday, 1:45pm- 3:15pm

Workshop session B: Wednesday, 3:30pm- 5:00pm 

Workshop session C: Thursday, 2:15pm – 3:45pm

Workshop session D: Friday, 8:30am- 10:00am


Track 1:  Building Power Through Partnerships and Networks  

A1:  Powering Up: Cultivating Sustainable Leadership in the Food System through K-12, College and Beyond!
Lauren Landfried, Saint Louis University; Farzana Serang, The Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive (CoFED); Andrew W. Smiley, Sustainable Food Center; Molly Costigan, Sustainable Food Center; Sarah Rocker, CoFED; Emma Brewster Real Food Challenge; Mildred Mattfeldt-Beman, Saint Louis University

B1:  Planting, Picking, Prepping & Preserving – Building Kids’ Relationships to Food on their Plates
Barb Mechura, Hopkins Public Schools (MN); Amber Parker, Hollygrove Market & Farm; Brian Alexander, Slow Foods Baton Rouge; Lola Bloom, City Blossom

C1:  From Theory to Practice: Authentic Youth Engagement Strategies and Best Practices from Perspectives on the Ground
Alyssa Simon, The Food Trust; Nancy Moore, National Center for Appropriate Technology; Rebecca Wiggins-Reinhard, La Semilla Food Center

D1:  Building and Sustaining Effective Statewide Networks
Tracy Harding, Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Network; Megan Kemple, Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Network; Ellie Libby, Maine School Garden Network and Maine Farm to School Network; Erin Croom, Georgia Farm to School Alliance


Track 2:  Farm to Cafeteria Throughout the Community 

A2:  Incorporating Local Food Into Worksite Wellness and Healthy Communities
Cecil Winzer, Sustainable Food Center; Cherelle VanBrakle, Dell Children’s Medical Center; Jennifer Quackenbush, Resolute Health; Lauren Oliver, Dell Children’s Medical Center; Kendall McGiffert, Resolute Health

B2:  Growing Educated Diners through Agrarian Partnerships
Andy Cox, Sodexo at The Hotchkiss School; Solange Morrissette, Sodexo at Pawtucket Schools; Benjamin Thomas, Sodexo at UC Davis

C2:  Fresh and Local Summer Meals: Expanding Farm to School beyond the School Year
Sharon Cech, Urban and Environmental Policy Institute at Occidental College; Patrice Chamberlain California Summer Meal Coalition; Sandy Curwood Conejo Valley USD; Alexandra Emmott, Oakland USD; Pamela Lambert Alvord USD

D2:  Food Safety on the Farm, in the Garden, and on the Line – What Everyone Needs to Know
Ashley Jeppson, Nevada Dept of Agriculture; Catrina Peters, Nevada Department of Agriculture; Rick Sherman, Oregon Department of Education; Lisa Carolina Gonzalez, University of Maryland Extension; Bertrand Weber, Culinary & Nutrition Services, Minneapolis Public Schools; Andrea Northup, Minneapolis Public Schools


Track 3:  Local and Sustainable Food Procurement Strategies 

A3:  Beyond the Apple: How to Buy Locally and Correctly!
Christina Conell, USDA Farm to School Program; Ann Cooper, Boulder Valley School District; Tricia Kovacs, Washington State Department of Agriculture; Andrea Early, Harrisonburg City Public Schools

B3:  Saving Antibiotics: Using Your Purchasing Dollars to Protect Public Health
Katherine Pryor, Healthcare Without Harm; Dr. Gail Hansen, The Pew Charitable Trusts; Kathy Lawrence, School Food FOCUS; Jack Henderson, University of California, San Francisco Medical Center

C3:  Big Dog, Little Dog and the Data In Between
Rita Scott, Oklahoma Farm and Food Alliance; Sophie Oppenheimer, Oklahoma Farm and Food Alliance; Susan Bergen, Peach Crest Farms; Roy Vinyard, Vinyard’s Produce Company; Lisa Griffin, Union Public Schools; Marilyn Williams, Morrison Public Schools; Laura Cochran, Chouteau-Maize Public Schools; Chelsey Simpson, National Farm to School Network

D3:  The Protein Puzzle: Local Meat, Seafood, and Legumes for School Lunch
Emily Ritchie, FoodCorps and Oregon Dept of Agriculture; Tracy Gagnon, Sitka Conservation Society; Jenny Montague, Kalispell Public Schools; Rod Friesen, Truitt Family Foods; Stephanie Laporte Potts, Grow Montana/National Center for Appropriate Technology; Kathy Lawrence, School Food FOCUS


Track 4:  Messaging for Success 

A4:  Ready, Set, Hike: Teaming Up for Fresh Food Exposure, Engagement, and Access
Claudia Barker, Edible Schoolyard New Orleans; Jess Bloomer; Edible Schoolyard New Orleans; Alisha Johnson, Edible Schoolyard New Orleans / FirstLine Schools; Liz Kohn; Fair Food Network; Christine Quane, Detroit Eastern Market Corporation; Robert Wooley, Detroit Lions; Joe Nader, Levy Restaurants

B4:  Creating State-wide Support for Farm to School
Mark Winne, Center for a Livable Future/Food Policy Networks; Anne Palmer, Center for a Livable Future; Pam Roy, Farm to Table; Emily Rose, Georgia Organics

C4:  Family outreach: Innovative Ways to Engage Families in Farm to School Activities
Megan Kemple, Willamette Farm and Food Coalition; Alyssa N. Herold, Texas Department of Agriculture; Victor M. Hernandez, Urban & Environmental Policy Institute Occidental College

D4:  Making the Most of Media in the School Food Chain:  Putting Social and Traditional Tools to Work for You
Dayle Hayes, MS, RD, Nutrition for the Future and School Meals That Rock; Wendy Slusser, MD, MS, UCLA Fit for Life and Our Food Chain; David Binkle, Los Angeles USD Food Services


Track 5:  Evaluating, Measuring and Reporting Impact 

A5:  Data to Action: Farm to School Assessment Tools and Strategies for Using Data to Further Your Goals at Any Scale
John Fisher, Life Lab; Roxana Atkinson, New Brunswick Food Security Action Network; Emilie Gioia, The Edible Schoolyard Project; Matt Benson, USDA Farm to School Program; Rick Sherman, Oregon Department of Education; Rachel Spencer, FoodCorps; Helen Dombalis, National Farm to School Network; Mary Mckenna, University of New Brunswick, Tim Galarneau, Food Systems Education and Research Specialist

B5:  Tools to Measure School and Community Implementation and Impact of Farm to School Programs
Alexandra Evans, University of Texas School of Public Health (UTSPH); Andrea Bontrager Yoder, Univ of Wisconsin-Madison; Claire Berezowitz, Univ of Wisconsin-Madison; Beth Hanna, Community GroundWorks; Laurence Denis, UTSPH; Semonti Basu, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation; Rose Jennings, UTSPH

C5:  Accelerating the Movement: Collective Impact and Networks that Work
JuliAnna Arnett, San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative/Community Health Improvement Partners; Colleen Matts, Michigan State University; Hillary Bisnett, Healthy Food in Health Care Program/Ecology Center

D5:  GroundUp Metrics to Assess Impact: Panel Discussion with Edible Schoolyard, FoodCorps, and Farm to Institution New England (FINE)
Kate Brashares, Edible Schoolyard NYC, Claudia Barker, Edible Schoolyard New Orleans; Jill Fitzsimmons, Farm to Institution New England (FINE); Pamela Koch, Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy at Teachers College, Columbia University; Eva Ringstrom, FoodCorps


Track 6:  Growing an Equitable and Just Food System 

A6:  Farm to School: Strategy for Building Community Beyond the Schoolyard
Gail Feenstra, UC Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program/ Agricultural Sustainability Institute; Joanne Bays, Farm to Cafeteria, Canada; Judy Belue, Delta Fresh Foods Initiative; Emily Jackson, ASAP (Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project); Deborah Moore, Delta Fresh Foods Initiative; Brooke Smith, WhyHunger; Danielle Whitmore Thomas, YoloArts and Ag Project

B6:  Bananas, Chickens, and Lunch Ladies: Labor Issues Throughout the Cafeteria Supply Chain
Diana Robinson, Food Chain Workers Alliance; Abby Mills, International Labor Rights; Rigo Valdez, UFCW Local 770; Jessica Choy, UNITE HERE’s Real Food Real Jobs Campaign

C6:  Creating a Welcoming and Inclusive Cafeteria Table: How We Talk About Diverse Food Choices, Values, and Systems and the Deep Issues Underlying Them
Megan Phinney, Aurora St. Anthony Peace Garden; Jonathan Garfunkel, EduCulture Project – Bainbridge Island, WA; Melvin Giles, Aurora St. Anthony Peace Garden

D6:  Reclaiming Healthy Communities: Farm-to-Table Programs in Indian Country
Raymond Foxworth, First Nations Development Institute; Mark Sorenson Director S.T.A.R. School; Lori Watso, Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community; Harley Coriz, Santo Domingo Senior Center; Jackie Francke, First Nations Development Institute


Track 7:  Food Hubs and Infrastructure Growth 

A7:  How Food Hubs, Co-ops, Growers, Processors and Buyers Are Making Farm to Cafeteria a Reality
John Fisk, Wallace Center; Jake Carter, Moontower Community Agricultural Co-op; Kelly Lively, Cherry Capital Foods; Jan Tusick Director, Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center; Robert Mayberry, University of Texas

B7:  Overcoming Barriers to Serving Farm Fresh Foods in Schools
Jessica Donze Black, The Pew Charitable Trusts; Megan Lott, The Pew Charitable Trusts

C7:  From Farm to Hospital: Sourcing Sustainable Food Through Broadline and Regional Distributors
Kendra Klein, San Francisco Bay Area Physicians for Social Responsibility; Eecole Copen, Oregon Health and Science University; Nancy Gummer, Good Shepherd Medical Center; Ariane Michas, Community Alliance with Family Farmers

D7:  School Choices: Accessing Local, Minimally Processed and Healthy Foods for Schools
Catherine Strohbehn, Hospitality and Management Program, University of Iowa; Cyndie Story, Culinary Solutions Center, LLC;  Doug Davis, Burlington School Food Project;  Diane Chapeta, Fifth Season Cooperative (WI); Lihlani Skipper,University of Wisconsin-Madison, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems


Track 8:  Education, Training and Professional Development 

A8:  Synergizing Efforts to Build National Farm to School and Edible Education
Curricula Pamela Koch, Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food Education and Policy in the Program of Nutrition at Teachers College Columbia University;; Erin McKee VanSlooten, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy; Whitney Cohen, Life Lab; Kyle Cornforth, The Edible Schoolyard Project; Beth Hanna Wisconsin School Garden Initiative at Community GroundWorks; Sue Knott, Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom; Grant Brigham, Jones Valley Farm (AL); Lydi Morgan Bernal, ĀINA In Schools, Kōkua Hawaii Foundation;  Joe Muellenberg , Horticulture and 4-H Program, University of Wisconsin-Extension; Morgan Rogers, Edible Schoolyard NYC.

B8:  The Whole is Greater: Edible Education’s Big Idea
Katrina Heron, The Edible Schoolyard Project; Michael Becker, Permaculture Classroom Project; Natalie McKinney, Kokua Hawaii Foundation; Deborah Kane, USDA Farm to School Program; Cecily Upton, FoodCorps; Anupama Joshi, National Farm to School Network

C8:  Engaging Community with Knives, Forks, and Shovels
Vera Simon-Nobes, Farm-Based Education Network;  Jenn McGowan,  Burlington School Food Project;  Peggy Eppig, Mid-Atlantic Farm-Based Education Network and Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation;  Sarah Bentley-Garfinkel, Health Initiative Inc.

D8:  Harvest of the Month: Celebrating Local Sourcing and Seasonal Eating One Crop at a Time, at the School, District, Community, and State Levels
Chris Boynton, Project EAT (Educate. Act. Thrive.), Alameda County Office of Education; Nicole Cabot, Island Grown Schools; Jennifer LeBarre, Oakland Unified School District; Katherine Sims, Green Mountain Farm to School; Katharina Streng, Public Health Institute, California Department of Public Health; Noli Taylor, Island Grown Schools,


Track 9:  Policy and Advocacy Across the Farm to Cafeteria Movement 

A9:  Lead Advocacy, Engage Youth & Succeed!
Kate Fitzgerald, Food Policy Consultant; Elisa Ortiz, Rescue Social Change Group; Shavaun Evans, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition; Pam Roy, Farm to Table; Soni Tankersley, Rescue Social Change Group

B9:  Using Policy Advocacy to Advance Local Food Procurement
Alli Condra, Food Law and Policy Clinic, Harvard Law School; Simca Horwitz, Massachusetts Farm to School Project; Karen Hansen-Kuhn, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy; Kathy Ozer, National Family Farm Coalition

C9:  State Level Farm to School Models: How it Happens, How to Do It
Lyn Kathlene, Spark Policy Institute; Kirsten Gebatsch, FoodCorps/National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), Ellen Gray, Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network, Kasandra Griffin, Upstream Public Health, Johanna Herron, Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets, Stephanie Potts, GrowMontana/NCAT; Joan Qazi, Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network

D9:  Tools for Developing Successful Procurement Programs to Improve Cafeteria Food & the Food System
Alexa Delwiche, Los Angeles Food Policy Council; Amy Bachman, DC Central Kitchen; Emma Brewster, Real Food Challenge


Track 10:  Farm to Preschool 

A10:  Bringing Local Food to Little Ones: Farm to Preschool and Child Care
Linda Simmons, Texas Department of Agriculture; Alicia Rampulla, USDA-FNS, Northeast Region; Traci Mouw, USDA-FNS; Robbie Zapata, Little Lions Learning Center; Susan Horner, CSNT Head Start

B10:  Strategies for Growing Farm to Preschool at a Statewide Level
Stacey Sobell, Ecotrust; Erin Croom, Georgia Organics; Diane Harris, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Erin McKee, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy; Julia Smith, Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems

C10:  Does it Work?  Program Evaluation for Farm to Preschool
Diane Harris, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Zoe Phillips, Urban & Environmental Policy Institute, Occidental College; Betty T. Izumi, School of Community Health at Portland State University

D10:  Farm to Preschool: Hands on Curriculum Strategies For Early Care and Education Settings
Erin McKee Van Slooten, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy; Roberta Recken, Mt. Hood Community College Head Start; Lola Bloom, City Blossoms; Tiana Kamen, Farm to Keiki; Nicole Murphy, The Food Trust; Zoë Phillips, Urban & Environmental Policy Institute at Occidental College; Julia Smith, Center for Regional Food Systems, Michigan State University


Track 11:  School Gardens 

A11:  The School Garden As Nature’s Classroom
Carrie Strohl, University of California, Davis; Julia Parker-Dickerson, National Gardening Association; Scott Koepke, New Pioneer Food Co-op.

B11:  Minimizing Risks and Removing Obstacles in School Gardens
Rick Sherman, Oregon Dept of Education; Andrew J Nowak, National School Garden Program, Slow Food USA; Stewart Jacobsen, Agricultural Consultation and Training, Arizona Department of Agriculture; Shawnee Adelson, Denver Urban Gardens and Colorado Farmers’ Market Association

C11:  Sustaining Your School Garden
Nathan Larson, Community Groundworks; Kyla Van Deusen, Captain Planet Foundation; Sacha Richards, Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy; Jimia Williams, Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy; Kelly Edwards, Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy; John Fisher, Life Lab; Whitney Cohen, Life Lab

D11:  Health and Nutrition in the Garden with Junior Master Gardeners and the Texas Grow! Eat! Go! Project
Randy Seagrave, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service/Junior Master Gardener program; Susan LeBlanc, Barbers Hill IS; Caren Walton, Texas Grow! Eat! Go! Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Rusty Hohlt, Texas Grow! Eat! Go!, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service


Track 12:  Growing the Farm to Cafeteria Movement 

A12:  Strategies for Building Powerful and Effective Farm to Institution Networks
Dana Hudson, NFSN Northeast Regional Lead & Shelburne Farms; John Turenne, Sustainable Food Systems Inc.; Kevin Terr, Red Barn Produce; Stacia Clinton, Health Care Without Harm; Olivia Farr, John Merck Fund

B12:  Farm to School Funding: A Conversation with State, Federal, and Foundation Funders
Johanna Herron, Vermont Agency of Agriculture; Matthew Russell, USDA Farm to School Program; Kathleen de Chadenedes, School Food Initiative, Orfalea Foundation

C12:  Emerging Leaders: Finding Your Place in the Farm to Cafeteria Movement
Panel Moderator:  Janet Poppendieck, NYC Food Policy Center, Hunter College;  Panelists: Katy Pelissier, Ecotrust (OR); Emily Ritchie, FoodCorps Fellow (OR); Helen Dombalis, National Farm to School Network; Amy Rosenthal, School Food FOCUS; Jenny Montague, Kalispell Public Schools (MT); Leah Chapman, ARAMARK Higher Education; Christina Conell, USDA-Farm to School Program; Daniel Marbury, FoodCorps Fellow (MI); Kadiri Sennefar, Detroit Black Community Food Security Network (MI)

D12:  Building a Field of Certified Edible Education Teachers
Kyle Cornforth, The Edible Schoolyard Berkeley; Olivia Webster, Growing Gardens; Ethan Bodin, Shelburne Farms/VT FEED; Ellen Robinson, REAL School Gardens