Welcome to the best way to see Madison – By Bike!

In connection with the conference, Madison BCycle is pleased to offer you 30 minutes of free bike rentals using the Madison BCycle system each day of the conference (June 2-4). Most commutes from hotels in our hotel block are less than 10 minutes. This truly is the best way to see Madison’s best!

How close is your hotel to a bike station?


Here are a few tips to get started:Madison Bcycle Logo
Go to any BCycle station location in Madison – there are 40 throughout the city, and all can be found at MadisonBCycle.com or by using the BCycle Now free smartphone app. There are also maps at every station.

At the station kiosk:

  • Follow the touchscreen prompts
  • When prompted, enter the promotional code provided in your conference materials
  • When prompted, you will swipe a valid credit card to authenticate your checkout

Each attendee will receive one complimentary 30-minute pass to free bike rental for each day of the conference, June 2-4.

  • The 30-minute pass is cumulative — in other words, if you only use 10 minutes on your first ride, you can still use the remaining 20 minutes that day until the entire 30 minutes have been used up.
  • Your card will not be charged at checkout, but WILL be charged usage fees on any trips OVER 30 minutes. The usage fee for longer trips is $3/30 min (for trips longer than 30 min).
  • To avoid extra charges, just check your bike in at any B-Station and back out again to restart the clock. Your promotional code is good throughout the conference, so take multiple rides on us!

Happy riding and remember: Download the free BCycle Now app to see station locations and real-time bike and dock availability!